Meet The Author

Hi, I'm Terry Swofford, author of the Freeze Frame series.

When I attended my fortieth High School reunion, my former English Teacher told my wife Darlene that he had expected me to seek a career in writing. Later, Darlene asked me why I had never attempted a novel. I explained that my favorite author, Ayn Rand, had spent two years studying architecture before writing "Fountain Head," and that I simply didn't have the patience to do that type of research.

My wife's answer was to give me "Harry Potter" books. Here was arguably the world's most successful commercial author and she had done no research, it all came out of her mind.

As a salesman for over forty years I had a wealth of experiences, heard thousands of great lines and remembered all of them. I could do this.

First I fantasized, what if a man went so far back in his subconscious mind during a meditation that he came in contact with a "Wall of Causation" and accidentally learned how to start and stop time with the blink of an eye?

What would a man with this ability do? Take his wife and best friend to Las Vegas and win millions playing blackjack? Start a fabulously successful Magic Act? Get into a deadly shooting war with the most powerful spy network operating in the U.S.?

The possibilities were endless and I have now completed four novels in the Freeze Frame series with these same characters -- Discovery, Death Insurance, Willaway, and Finding Fourteen.